Linear movement of the entire installation along the field Systems
Linear irrigation system is the solution for maximum irrigation efficiency (up to 98%) while reducing operating costs. Linear irrigation systems are designed for irrigating rectangular and long fields. Linear irrigation systems can work with water connection from a closed network and with water intake from an open channel. We produce 2 types of frontal irrigation systems: one-winged and twowinged.

  • Maximum irrigation efficiency - field coverage reaches 92-98%;
  • High autonomy and minimal labor costs during operation (in systems with connection from an open channel);
  • Individual selection of the system, depending on the required irrigation area (one- and two-winged systems);
  • Ability to choose the most suitable source of water supply: an open channel or a closed network;
  • Ability to irrigate the field even at low water pressure, saving energy resources;
  • Adjusting the irrigation speed to select the optimal amount of water or fertilizer for the crop;
  • Possibility of irrigation of several fields with one system (towable installations).

The central tower of the linear system is equipped with a diesel generator (in some cases, the unit can be powered from the mains), which allows it to move linearly along the field. Water intake takes place through a channel along the field or a pipeline with hydrants every 100-150 m. Water flows through the central line to the nozzles under a pressure of 2-4 atmospheres and irrigates the area.

Main elements
1) a central trolley, which may include:
  • control cabinet;
  • diesel generator;
  • position sensors;
  • heading stabilization device;
2) farm and water pipeline;
3) section supports;
4) wheel reduction gear and gear motor;
5) additional devices and systems, depending on the configuration.

  • Section length: 43,6 / 49,4 / 55,2 / 61 m
  • Diameter of pipes in sections: 133 | 168 | 219 | 245 mm
  • Thickness of pipes: 3 mm
  • Length of pipes in sections: 5,8 m
  • Console length: up to 25 m
  • Diameter of pipes in the central support: 168 | 219 | 245 mm
  • Coating of metal: from 80 microns;
  • Span height in the uppermost part: 5,2 m
  • Height from ground to sprengels: 2,88 m