14 MULTICONTROLLER, CVX and X models with powers between 150 and 280 HP
Puma® has a well-established reputation for a premium product in terms of tractor quality. Built in Austria around proven semi powershift or full powershift, and the latest FPT engine technology, Puma retains the high standards set by its predecessors.  Built in Austria around proven semi powershift, full powershift or CVX continuously-variable transmissions, and the latest FPT engine technology, Puma retains the high standards set by its predecessors. 

With fifteen models from 140- 240 hp (rated), the Puma series sits squarely in territory that means it suits the most demanding applications in both arable, contracting and livestock farming situations. Furthermore, as with all Case IH developments, it takes its class forward in multiple areas – transmission, suspension, controls, seating, lighting and more. What you get as a result is the reassurance of a proven product with enhancements aimed at giving your business a sharper edge, repaying your investment quicker than ever before. 

With fifteen models from 140- 240 hp (rated), the Puma series sits squarely in territory that means it suits the most demanding applications in both arable, contracting and livestock farming situations. A leader in continuously variable transmissions since their very first development for use in tractors, Case IH today continues to lead the CVT sector with product developments that keep us at the cutting edge of the ultimate in fuel-efficient power transfer. 

Puma CVX models are as easy to drive as they are economical, with an intuitive operating system that makes them ‘jump on and go’ machines suited to all types of operator, from casual summer staff to full-time drivers.

The aggressive styling of the new wide-wheelbase Puma is more than a statement. The new models also include LED lights that shorten long working nights. This tractor has a number of new features dedicated to the operator, namely: generously sized and illuminated steps, a hand washing tank next to the cab steps, for the digital user, a new monitor stand with RAM mounting kit and USB sockets, compressed air connections around the Puma tractor for easier cleaning, improved layout of the main connections of trailed machinery working at the rear, new low-mounted windscreen wiper which increases the wiped area by 60% compared to previous Puma models.

  • 6.7L 6-cylinder turbodiesel FPT engine, intercooler and turbocharger with Wastegate valve
  • Careful for the environment: all Puma models comply with the strict Euro STAGE V emissions standards
  • Cooled exhaust gas return is not required
  • The engine power management function provides an additional increase of up to 45 HP
  • The reversible eco fan keeps the radiator grill clean
  • 750 hour service interval

  • Front axle with active suspension and brake (optional)
  • Standard cabin suspension for all Puma models
  • Premium leather seat with active suspension available
  • Patented trailer brake system – Advanced Trailer Brake for Puma CVXDrive
  • The new, low-mounted wiper increases the wiped area by 60% compared to previous models

  • Newly designed front hydraulics for better responsiveness
  • We are integrated tie rods, with optional management and optional automatic power take-off
  • Optional Adaptive Steering Control (ASC) and steering wheel with programmable rotations
  • Electronic joystick – quickly change between rear and front valves

  • CCLS hydraulic pumps with flow rates from 120 l/min to 170 l/min at a pressure of 210 bar
  • Rear lift capacity up to 10,464kg and hydraulic lift capacity up to 5,129kg
  • Up to 5 rear mounted electrohydraulic valves
  • Up to 3 mid-mounted electrohydraulic valves and optional Power Beyond connections

  • PowerDrive Full Powershift transmission with automatic gear change and programmable Powershuttle
  • Continuously variable transmission CVXDrive 0 - 50 km/h with active hold function
  • Electronic parking brake for all transmission versions
  • All transmission versions reach 40 km/h at low engine speed (40 km/h ECO)
Case IH's new generation of short wheelbase Puma tractors have been upgraded with a new design and additional features. By working more efficiently and economically, each farmer's operating expenses will be minimized. All Puma models have one thing in common: they have a global reputation as reliable, powerful and economical tractors.

Puma is manufactured at the factory in St. Valentin, Austria, where first-class expertise is combined with the highest quality standards by virtue of obtaining the best possible product. With a selection of customer-oriented operating options, there is a Puma tractor for every requirement.

  • The new short-wheelbase Puma has a more attractive and functional hood design, featuring a large radiator grille for ideal air circulation. In addition, the LED headlights are strong and durable and are incorporated into the radiator grill, and the operator's view of the front hook is unobstructed.

  • The front axle benefits from suspension and brakes, and the operator's pneumatic seat is available in premium equipment with active suspension (Puma CVXDrive and Puma Multicontroller). Also, the short-wheelbase Puma model benefits from the patented trailer braking system (Puma CVXDrive).

  • The transmission can be, depending on the choice: Active Drive 6, respectively semi-powershift, PowerDrive full-powershift transmission, CVXDrive continuously variable transmission from 0 to 50 km/h and active holding function. All transmissions are available with an ECO speed of 40 km/h, and each model benefits from the Automatic Productivity Management (APM) function – perfect interaction between engine and transmission.

  • The CCLS pump provides a flow from 110 l/min to 160 l/min and the lifting capacity is up to 8.257 kg. Puma models are equipped with 5 electrohydraulic valves at the rear (Puma CVXDrive and Puma Multicontroller) and up to 3 remote controlled electrohydraulic valves in the middle (for the entire Puma range).

All Puma tractors are equipped with the engine power management function, which increases engine power for PTO, hydraulic and transport work up to 175-224 HP (maximum). On Puma CVXDrive models, the engine power management function is also available during reverse operation for the benefit of users who typically use the tractor in reverse driving applications such as mowing or clearing snow roads.

The Puma is truly a universal tractor. Thanks to its light weight and long service interval of 750 hours, the Puma is a genuine all-rounder. You will be able to spend more time where it matters and where you can pay for your investment, i.e. in the field.
If you are looking for a workplace where you feel at home, the Puma CVXDrive and Puma Multicontroller tractors have the perfect cab for you. The extraordinary comfort and excellent ease of use allow you to enjoy even the longest journeys. Your work will become an experience with our new features, such as the innovative hands-free phone system, the modern Premium steering wheel and the practical RAM mounting kit for mobile devices.

The new optional heated and ventilated tractor seat in red leather keeps you comfortable and cool in the summer.â

This newly designed cooler box offers enough space for food and drinks, even during the longest working days. It is within reach of the driver and does not block the view ahead.

The perfect arrangement of front and side-facing LED headlights with 40,000 lumens of brightness turns any night into day. The up to 20 LED work lights mounted on the roof of the cabin, on the A and B pillars, provide optimal light at 360 degrees without shadows.

The RAM monitor mounting kit enables the perfect positioning of mobile devices, for example tablets, in the operator's field of view.
The PowerDrive is a 19-speed Full Powershift transmission that has been designed to provide the optimum number of gears without clutch or torque interruption in the crucial working range from 2.5 km/h to 14 km/h.

The advantage of Powerdrive is ease of operation. The Puma Multicontroller effectively puts transmission control in your hands. An optional reducer is also available for operations that require special speed.


The CVXDrive transmission is one of the most efficient in the industry. The four-range hydromechanical design can transfer much of the engine's power to the ground, turning energy into productivity. There are four points of 100% mechanical efficiency, three in key speeds for field work and one for transport work. The sophisticated interplay of planetary gears, double clutch, four automatically changing ranges and hydrostatic drive produce this continuous power from 0 to 50 km/h.

The APM engine and transmission management system automatically recognizes the selected travel speed and adjusts the engine speed and transmission ratio to maximize performance. The operator only needs to move the Multicontroller or press the accelerator pedal and APM takes care of the rest. For more fuel economy, top speed is reached at just 1,550 rpm – perfect for haulage work. Puma CVXDrive is also a winner at low working speeds of up to 0.02 km/h.
Since the first Puma was launched, it has earned a reputation for reliability, power and economy as a tractor that farmers and contractors around the world have come to trust. But it took more than a powerful car to increase profitability these days.

The demands on today's farms require efficient technology to remain productive and profitable. The Puma 260 CVXDrive has been designed to give you more power, more comfort and more automation, while keeping operating costs under control and with more uptime in the field.

CASE IH engineers have reconfigured the overall design again, starting with the hood, giving it an even more aggressive style. More convenient features have also been added, such as an integrated water tank and toolbox, so you can carry the essentials, advantages that allow on-the-fly adjustments to tools without leaving the field.

The innovative 6.7 L FPT NEF engine offers a maximum power of 280 hp and with boost, gives 302 hp. To transfer all the power to the ground, the new Puma is equipped with larger and stronger axles that can accommodate the 2.05m rear tires for more traction and productivity while respecting the ground structure.
The new Puma cabin, like its big brother Optum, is bigger than before, it's quieter than before, just at the same time the overall comfort. The seats are covered in premium red leather, and the operator's seat benefits from heating, ventilation and active suspension. The space inside the cab is larger, as is the glazed surface, which offers better visibility around the tractor. The new Case IH steering wheel, keyless remote control, engine start button and state-of-the-art sound system will bring you the premium comfort you deserve.

Spend less time doing paperwork and more time focusing on your farm decisions. AFS Connect™ telematics allows you to analyse your farm data, to manage your fleet and share data remotely. As well you can get quick remote support by the dealer or farm office when required to ensure year-round efficiency. Then, our AFS guidance solutions maximise the efficiency of the Puma, reduce your operating costs, whilst keeping operator fatigue at bay.