Sisteme de irigare de tip tambur și pivot
Titan Machinery Romania wants to be the preferred partner of the Romanian industrialist who wants well-made and profitable projects that bring the greatest possible benefit to the community of which it is a part, in the medium and long term. Titan Machinery Romania offers various professional irrigation systems, of drum and pivot type, from global manufacturers who have extensive experience in this field. These irrigation systems are suitable for all types of agricultural surfaces, for any kind of field geometry and for any kind of configuration.

Titan Machinery Romania's partner in the supply of Pivot irrigation systems is the manufacturer Variant Irrigation, which is present with high-quality equipment in over 60 countries and which, in 2023, opened the first irrigation equipment factory in Romania, in Târgu Jiu. Irrigation with self-propelled wide coverage systems is the most common modern irrigation system in agriculture. It is used for crop protection (application of fertilizers and multilateral plant protection products through an irrigation system).

Regarding the drum type system, Nettunno which has more than 40 years of experience in the development of self-propelled irrigation systems and high quality motor pumps. The reliability and versatility of Visa-Nettuno products are ensured by the best components and the latest technologies, resulting in both significant energy savings and lower operating costs.

The Titan Machinery team is ready to provide complete and tailored consultancy and solutions with integrated packages of machinery and services that gravitate around the center of gravity of irrigation. All solutions, including irrigation systems, include the full support of our team for the maintenance and smooth operation of the equipment.