3 models with powers between 100 and 120 HP
Some things make jobs so much easier that you wonder how you ever managed without them. The new Case IH Luxxum is just like that. With greater manoeuvrability, higher levels of comfort and better visibility than any tractor of this size that we’ve ever made, it continues our commitment to easing the demands placed on the operator, ensuring greater productivity from both tractor and driver. With three new models from 100-120hp, the only thing there’s less of is the need for compromise. Built at our St Valentin factory in Austria, a plant world-renowned for producing tractors of the highest quality, the Luxxum range more than lives up to those standards. Everything about Luxxum says excellence, from design concepts that make everyday tasks easier, to the materials used in construction and the precision with which these machines are assembled.

With up to 117hp available in a compact four-cylinder package, there’s very little that Luxxum tractors cannot handle. These are machines swift on the road, stable on slopes, nimble around the yard and manoeuvrable on the headland. They are well-matched to loader work, more than comfortable enough for long hours in the field, and have the hydraulic capacity to power and handle heavy implements. 
At the heart of every Luxxum is an engine from Case IH sister company FPT, a name which has become a byword for efficiency, economy and high standards of engineering. The four-cylinder, four-valve 3.4-litre engine in each Luxxum model is turbocharged and intercooled to create a compact power unit that’s capable of high outputs yet is especially frugal with fuel. The result is a tractor with the ideal power-to-weight ratio for every farm task, from light work at low rpm to heavyweight draft tasks and high-speed haulage.