Movement around the fixed central tower Systems
The pivot irrigation system is the most autonomous solution to increase yields and reduce operating costs when irrigating. The pivot system allows you to work almost on any configuration of the field, but, often it is used for square shaped fields. We produce 2 types of pivot irrigation systems: fixed (not movable) and towable (movable). The towable system allows you to irrigate multiple fields with one unit.

  • Autonomy (the possibility to start and control remotely the operation of your irrigation system);
  • Does not require labor efforts during operation;
  • Irrigation uniformity reaches 95%;
  • Ability to work in fields with a slope of up to 15%;
  • Adjusting the irrigation speed to select the optimal amount of water or fertilizer for the crop.
  • Ease of water supply 1 hydrant outlet and one pumping station are enough.
  • Possibility of irrigation of several fields with one system (towable type).
  • The end section and console can be equipped with an end jet for watering corners.

The pivot system moves autonomously around a fixed central support, to which electricity and water are supplied. Through the support tower, under a pressure of 2-4 atmospheres the water flows to the sprinklers, and the electric motor starts the wheeled carts on the pipeline, setting the entire system in motion and evenly irrigating the area.

Main elements:
1) a central trolley, which may include:
  • control cabinet;
  • diesel generator;
  • position sensors;
  • heading stabilization device;
2) farm and water pipeline;
3) section supports;
4) wheel reduction gear and gear motor;
5) additional devices and systems, depending on the configuration.

Each of the irrigation systems can be equipped with a “VI control” remote control and management system.

  • Section length:43,6 / 49,4 / 55,2 / 61 m
  • Diameter of pipes in sections: 133 | 168 | 219 | 245 mm
  • Thickness of pipes: 3 mm
  • Length of pipes in sections: 5,8 m
  • Console length: up to 25 m
  • Diameter of pipes in the central support: 168 | 219 | 245 mm
  • Coating of metal: from 80 microns
  • Span height in the uppermost part: 5,2 m
  • Height from ground to sprengels: 2,88 m