5 models with powers between 55 and 100 HP
Farmall tractors have earned a reputation of being versatile and reliable workhorses ever since this name was introduced in 1923. 

Today’s Farmall A is a worthy successor: The specification is such that new or novice operators will quickly become familiar, enabling a Farmall A to perform the supporting role within a large enterprise that may have many drivers. In smaller operations, its versatility along with the economical purchase price and its low running costs make Farmall A tractors a wise investment that is easy to justify. 

Farmall A tractors comply with all the latest safety standards for operator protection and the engines meet the Stage IIIB emission standards to ensure a clean, safe working environment. 

Proven transmission design, quality components and ruggedness of construction are combined to ensure lasting performance and reliability. Whatever specification you choose, you can be confident that Farmall A will perform.

The robust rear linkage has the ability to lift 3,565kg with ease. Depending on the nature of your work, separate quadrant levers to the right of driver seat allow the setting of hitch position and draft control for soil engaging implements, or any mix of the two. 

Externally, there is a ratchet device to enable linkage to be raised and lowered for implement hitch up. 540 PTO is standard*, as an option, you can choose between a 540/540E or a 540/1000 and servo-assisted PTO engagement.

Both 540E and 1000 PTOs are aligned better to the power and torque curves of the engine, need lower engine rpm and thus further increase fuel efficiency. For convenience, pto shaft rotation speed is displayed in the dashboard.
Farmall A tractors meet the latest safety standards for operator protection and their engines meet Stage V emission standards to ensure a safe and clean working environment. The successful design of the transmission, the best quality components and the durability of the construction guarantee constant efficiency and reliability.

Thanks to the less wide pillars, large mirrors, large glass surfaces, carefully designed, the view of the loader and the implements towed or carried, from the Farmall A tractor is among the best in this horsepower segment. There is no need to stretch to see what is happening around.

The logically and ergonomically positioned controls on the consoles, the correct layout of the instruments on the new dashboard, are among the facilities that make it easier to operate Farmall A series tractors, regardless of the work that needs to be done. The mechanical control levers as well as the switches are permanently within reach of the operator, who will start working with the machine almost instinctively after a short time spent behind the wheel.

The position of the exhaust pipe on the "A" pillar on the new generation Farmall A ensures a clear and unobstructed view ahead. The optional Vision package includes a sunroof that provides more visibility, additional rear work lights, a rear window wiper and telescopic side mirrors that provide excellent visibility of all operations from loader to road transport.
Farmall A tractors consume little fuel, but do not save power. All benefit from all-wheel drive as standard, to bring the full power of the engine to ground level through an efficient and proven transmission.

For impressive traction in the field, but also for good safety on the slope, the Case IH front axle with all-wheel drive is unbeatable. On loose or wet terrain, the limited-slip differential acting on the front axle and the automatic differential lock on the rear axle ensure continuous progress.

Dedicated high-flow steering pump enables safe operation. In and around farm outbuildings, the tight steering column allows a minimum turning radius of 5.8m (Farmall 85 A) and easy manoeuvrability, and the front-wheel drive Farmall 95 A can turn even tighter.

Farmall A tractors can travel at a maximum speed of 30 or 40 km/h and, for additional stopping safety in all conditions, all-wheel drive models can be optionally equipped with a braked front axle.

Equipped with the STOLL front loader, the Farmall A tractors are ready for any loading and handling operation on the farm. Chargers are easy to engage and disengage, and cab controls are ideally positioned for convenient operation.
Farmall A tractors are powered by Common-Rail injection engines in 4 cylinders, of 3.4 liters, with turbocharger and intercooler, which gives you maximum power with lower fuel consumption. The increase in torque translates into fewer speed changes and more efficiency, and the results speak for themselves. The 4-cylinder FPT Common Rail engine does not need nominal speed: it offers maximum power with fuel economy at 1,900 rpm, which not only reduces fuel consumption in all applications, but also leads to increased comfort during operation due to the levels low noise and vibration.

Which farmer drives continuously revving the engine to the maximum? The team that developed the FPT engine focused its attention and time on the perfect compatibility between the torque characteristics of the 4-cylinder engines and the real working conditions. The result is downright impressive: the maximum torque of 457 Nm is achieved with fuel economy at 1,500 rpm, which makes the Case IH Efficient Power function truly economical.

The clean combustion obtained in the FPT engines of Farmall tractors allows the oil change to be done every 600 hours, the top interval in their class. Beyond excellent fuel efficiency, emissions are effectively reduced by the same proven technology used in other Farmall tractor ranges. The post-treatment allows the optimization of the engine in terms of reaction capacity and high power density, for optimal performance regardless of the application.