Technological feed trailers
Mixer feeder PRONAR DVMP – 12/14/16/18 is designed to efficiently blend and feed in the form of TMR system which gives completely mixed dose. This method of feeding prevents the livestock from selecting ingredients from feed leading to better nutrition. Thanks to this, the risk of disturbances in the digestive system of livestock is limited, which has direct impact into an increase in cow’s milk yield.

Series of DVMP mixer feeds includes the following models: DVMP-12, DVMP-14, DVMP-16 and DVMP-18, with a capacity of 12, 14, 16 and 18 m3 respectively. Such large volumes required the use of two mixing augers with an innovative design construction. Spiral coils with a thickness of 15 mm ensure very efficient mixing of fodder.

The design of the DVMP series of twin-auger mixer wagons makes these machines very efficient and effectively shreds all components of animal feed. Their high quality construction allows for long-term operation and reliable operation. The extensive standard equipment and a number of additional equipment elements allow adapting these machines to the needs of each farm.