Disc mowers
The PRONAR rear mounted disc mowers are a compact, robust, characterized by lightweight structure where PRONAR cutter bar is applied. PRONAR disc mower can be easily mounted on various tractors. Minimum tractor power requirement for this mower is 30 hp. Classic suspension guarantees uniform pressure of cutter bar on the surface. 

Floating position of the hydraulic lever guarantees smooth drive transmission even on large irregularities of the ground. The mowers are protected by a safety fuse, which at the time of collision with an obstacle slides apart and the mower is moved backwards minimizing the possible effects of the impact.

The central suspension which was used in the mower ensures an excellent operation on uneven and steep surface, clean and aesthetic cut and also optimum cutting height. Another advantage of this design is the three – step adjustment system of stay springs – 70, 80 or 90 kg which guarantees optimum pressure of the mower on the ground depending on the type of surface from soft soil, peat, up to the hard and dry.