Tractoare MAXXUM
6 modele de la 110 la 140 CP

Tractoarele din seria Maxxum fac parte din categoria entry-level, reprezentând o investiţie inteligentă pentru execuţia unei game variate de lucrări. Având un design simplu și flexibil, aceste tipuri de tractoare au fost proiectate pentru a corespunde întocmai necesităţilor celor care le folosesc. Maxxum este alegerea ideală pentru cei care caută un pachet de putere și versatililate ce combină perfect mediul de lucru suprem pentru operator cu tehnologia de ultimă generație. Tractoarele din seria Maxxum sunt lidere pe segmentul lor de piaţă atunci când vine vorba de productivitate şi rentabilitate maximă a investiţiei.

Maxxum 150 129 / 175 @ 1800 - 1900
Maxxum 145 129 / 175 @ 1800 - 1900
Maxxum 135 124 / 169 @ 1800 - 1900
Maxxum 125 114 / 155 @ 1800 - 1900
Maxxum 115 107 / 145 @ 1800 - 1900
: 129 / 175 @ 1800 - 1900
: 129 / 175 @ 1800 - 1900
: 124 / 169 @ 1800 - 1900
: 114 / 155 @ 1800 - 1900
: 107 / 145 @ 1800 - 1900
Designed to be efficient in the toughest conditions

Capable of cutting any task down to size, at the heart of every Maxxum tractor lies one of the industry’s most modern, most frugal and most productive engines. With Case IH, there’s no question of seeking outside sources of power – our engines come from our sister firm FPT Industrial, producer of some of the most respected powerplants in the business. From the four-cylinder 116 hp Maxxum 115 to the six-cylinder 145 hp Maxxum 150 (rated powers), all feature FPT engines, with four-cylinder 4.5 litre units in all models bar the flagship six-cylinder 6.7 litre Maxxum 150. All are fully Stage IV compliant, courtesy of HI-eSCR exhaust after-treatment, which has no impact on the engine’s performance, and there’s no particle filter to service or replace.

Tractor operation has never been easier

If you’ve operated a Maxxum before, you’ll know how intuitive its controls are; if you haven’t, take a seat and find out! These are tractors designed by people who understand tractors – people who understand farming. Whether your requirement is for a machine with standard specification or one with the most advanced technology package, there is a level of Maxxum to suit, each as simple to operate as the others.


Case IH knows: a comfortable operator is a productive operator, and that’s why we’ve put even more focus on driver features in these latest Maxxum models. From cab and front axle suspension system to an enhanced range of seating options, Maxxum tractors are designed to ensure the operator remains comfortable hour after hour, day after day, regardless the task or terrain.

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