Electrical wheel and track dumpers
Start easily and off you go: thanks to the electric travel drive system, no frequent gear changing is required and the operator can focus entirely on his work. The drive system and the work hydraulics can be operated self-contained of each other.

Just as powerful as a conventional wheel dumper, but extremely quiet – ideal in noisesensitive environments.
Transport material completely free of emissions
• Noise pollution for the operator is under 60 decibels. This is equivalent to normal room volume.*

• Thanks to the electric motor, the CO2 emissions are reduced by 90% over the entire life cycle.**

• The maintenance-free 48 V battery has enough power for a full workday – depending on the type of application. 

• The battery charger is integrated in the battery and is easy to connect to a 230 V socket.

• There is an electric motor each for the drive system and the hydraulics, incl. energy recovery when braking and going downhill.

*Emission sound pressure level (LpA): This specifies the sound level of a device at the working area directly assigned to it, for example in the operator’s cab.
**CO2 emissions over the entire service life, direct and indirect, thus including battery production and energy generation (EU mix), compared with a conventional product of the same class.