Electric skid steer loaders with high working autonomy
Founded in 1940, KOVACO ELECTRIC excels today in an ultra-modern production process, found in its multilaterally developed plants, which have robots and technologies for creating and assembling the electrical equipment they supply.

At the same time, KOVACO ELECTRIC boasts an innovative design dedicated for basic construction applications but also for special applications. These innovations are handled by experienced or young talented engineers, passionate about the construction technology.

What two models of mini-loaders that Titan Machinery brings to Romania represent exclusively the portfolio of KOVACO ELECTRIC products. These models are completely electric, environmentally friendly, have good productivity and a very low operating cost. Thus, this year Titan Machinery will bring to Romania the electric front mini-loader, with tires and cab - Elise 900 and the electric front mini-loader, on tracks - MiniZ.
ELISE  900
Elise 900 is the world's first fully electric Skid. It has a range of 6 hours of operation with a 240 Ah battery or 8 hours with a 400 Ah battery. The full charging time is 5.3 hours, or charging up to 80% in approx. 3 hours. It has a power of 30.8 hp with a 240 Ah battery, or 52.3 hp with a 400 Ah battery. Also, the operational weight of this electric Skid is 3300 kg and the total weight is 4200 kg. The charging capacity of the Elise 900 Skid equipped with a 240 Ah battery is 900 kg, and for the one equipped with a 400 Ah battery it is 1400 kg. What is even more interesting is that it can be controlled from outside the cab, from a distance of up to 50 m with a joystick.
MiniZ is a fully electric, compact, crawler front-loading mini-loader with a control station located at the rear. Due to its compact size, the MiniZ is perfect for working in complicated interior spaces. Also, in addition to construction applications, this machine can be just as useful in agriculture, landscaping, food processing or pharmaceuticals, providing high work capacity in the relocation of materials, but also in other works. It has a working autonomy of 8 hours, with a full load in approx. 8 hours, or a charge of up to 80% in about 5.3 hours. It is 79 cm wide, 255 cm long and 115 cm high. It is equipped with 3 electric motors, has two speeds and a power of 14.5 hp. It is also equipped with a joystick and can be controlled from a distance of up to 50 m.