3-axles transport trailers
Pronar company was founded almost 30 years ago in Narew, Podlasie region in the North – East part of Poland.

Nowadays Pronar is the undisputed leader in the production and sales of machinery and equipment for agriculture, municipal services and transportation industry with nearly 50% market share in the Polish market. Pronar is also the world’s major player among the manufacturers of wheels for agricultural and municipal machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, axles for trailers, as well as steel profiles and plastic components.

A specialized three-axle trailer Pronar heavy duty capacity construction (26 m³) guarantees economical transport and reduce production costs. It is ideal for the transport of both agricultural crops and euro-pallets. Tires and axles are designed to transport on roads for long distances at a speed of 40 km / h (optionally 60 km / h). There is a possibility to order the trailer with additional grain hatch in the side walls that increases its versatility. The standard springs for  easy opening , allow  the trailer to be operated   efficiently  of by one person.