Advanced Farming Systems®

TRUE SENSE OF DIRECTION - Precision integrated for maximum productivity

The Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS®) developed by Case IH, was at the forefront of precision farming activities for more than 10 years, allowing farmers to control the entire production cycle of the crop. Case IH AFS® system includes all the tools you need for repeatable positioning of the machine error does not exceed 2.5 cm. Thus, the likelihood of overlap situations will be extremely reduced, leading to lower costs of operating the equipment and maximize the productive potential of all types of crops.

ADVANCED VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEM - Whether an interactive configuration or a special function will not only have to watch the monitor AFS Pro. Thus, you will be able to monitor productivity, fuel consumption and the rate of exploitation of the machine, watch the images captured by the cameras installed on the outside, to keep track of all data on harvested plants and manage connected accessories on the machine technology ISOBUS . Software that manages the operation of the monitor AFS Pro is fully customizable and interactive, providing fast connection with other agriculture using AFS® system.

SOLUTIONS FOR GUIDANCE OF THE VEHICLE - If you are looking for a guidance system, we can help with the kits "Lightbar" (AccuGuide) with simple installation, 'plug-and-play ". We provide a full range of RTK radio receivers from which you can choose the precision machine work. Thus, the positioning error of the machine can reach up to a minimum of 2.5 cm. Xfill technology ensures maximum working machine for 20 minutes after the stoppage of the RTK system.

AFS FARM MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - There are numerous variables that influence agricultural production - therefore it is important to understand what is happening and why. Now you can better manage agricultural activities taking appropriate decisions based on current realities. With the software package AFS® Case IH agricultural management, you can view work performed step by step, degree of exploitation of machinery, fuel economy recorded for each job execution and, perhaps most importantly, threshed crop yield.

AFS Connect ™ telematics system - Case IH AFS Connect telematics system ™ allows you to monitor and manage machine operation you own even if you are in the farm office. You will also be able to communicate with equipment and operators will be able to diagnose the problem. Case IH AFS Connect telematics system ™ uses signals based precision GPS technology and wireless data networks. Analyzing data received through this system can help improve equipment fleet logistics, reduce fuel consumption and maximize your return on working machines.